About Koh Thmei Island  

About Koh Thmei Island

Koh Thmei Island is a 3 minute swim from Ream National Park, or 1 hour by boat to the only civilized place on the island, Koh Thmei Resort.  The island is covered with trees and a hill in the middle, and is not yet developed. Koh Thmei Island is approximately 8Km by 7Km.  It's in Ream National Park, in the province of SihanoukVille, Cambodia. 

At the moment, civilization occupies less than 1% of the island, but when the Bridge to Koh Thmei Island is built, this will probably change fast.  Fortunately, they haven't started this yet, and Koh Thmei is one of the most pristine islands in Cambodia.

Koh Thmei Island is surrounded by a few other islands, Koh Seh Island, Koh Ta Kiev Island, and a few kilometers away, Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam.

No public water on Koh Thmei, no public electricity, and no sewers or garbage collection.

There is telephone service, and hence, you can get internet with the right SIM for your phone.  The bungalow on the island imports or improvise for the fresh water.  Electricity is usually by solar, and not so good for powering your refrigerator or air-conditioning. 

Koh Thmei Resort has it's own boat going to the island every day.  Very few tours from the mainland stop at Koh Thmei Island for swimming, snorkeling, cliff jumping, and exploring the island,and lunch!

But if you're there already, You're In!

Not too many tropical islands in the world left like Koh Thmei Island (for the moment).

Come and Enjoy!

See You Soon!

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